The pedagogical content, designed by Fabrizio Cassol and Christiane Louis, main mentors of the two series, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra and the representatives of the Medinea network partners, was conceived in order to transmit the skills necessary for the professional development of young creatives:
– Social skills of listening, adaptability and dialogue in order to compose together, find one’s place and leave one’s place to others in an intercultural group
– Human qualities of open-mindedness, understanding, acceptance and tolerance
– Technical musical skills of listening, improvisation, composition, mastery of one’s instrument, voice, rhythm etc.
– Creative skills: knowing how to draw on one’s cultural background to create new forms
– Outreach skills to develop one’s own audience
– Entrepreneurial skills for career success, initiative, leadership and group management


The Medinea Series was supported by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission. Medinea Network has been granted a three years subsidy by the Erasmus+ programme under the key action 2 «Cooperation for innovation and the exchanges of good practices», as a strategic partnership in the field of youth.


The project leaders under the Erasmus + programmme are 5 Medinea members: Arc research & Consultancy | Ente Musicale du Nuoro | Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa | Festival d’Aix | ITU MIAM

Series and modules

Instant Collective Creation by Fabrizio Cassol

A learning video content aimed at transmitting knowledge and know-how in the field of improvised music from the Mediterranean heritage. As this is a very specific field of non-formal education, the particular training was conceived to meet the needs of young musicians.

Collective creation sparks passionate insights and discussions. Through these videos, we offered an insight into certain aspects that are in direct relation to the need to create communal spaces for expression.

Through the different sessions and the guest artists he invited, Fabrizio Cassol shared his own approach to collective creation. Far from being concerned with dogmatic theory, this series allows us to share the fruits of Medinea sessions’ unique experience.

The four modules allowed Medinea to invite the following mentors: Misirli Ahmet | Amir ElSaffar | Yvette Buhagiar | Stéphane Galland

Professional Development for Artists

The series aims to provide a toolkit for young artists, giving them essential keys to kick start their musical career. Christiane Louis, Head of Career Development Unit at the Philharmonie de Paris, joined the Medinea sessions to coach the sessions’ musicians on their careers.

The learning method focuses on giving young artists the necessary skills to develop their careers in a competitive sector: social, artistic, entrepreneurial and outreach skills. Particularly through career development coaching, participants will be able to build and formulate their projects.

Through the acquisition of these skills, and the strengthening of their self-confidence, the young artists will improve their competitiveness and employability. Furthermore, the project allows the young artists to be part of a wide professional circle and transnational dissemination circuits, that of the Medinea network, which in turn is part of different professional circles at the local level. This would allow the young artists to interact directly with professionals while expanding their own network.


‘’It is very interesting and it helped me expand my knowledge of different uses of music from different countries. It recreates new musical perspective and inspires me. I am looking forward to learning more. Enlighten us!’’