Location: Tunis, Tunisia

After noticing that young north-African and specifically, young Tunisian don’t care anymore about musical patrimony and heritage, the two collaborators of this project decided to build a bridge (Jessr in Arabic) between generations.

This project, led by Ghazi Khanchouch and realized with the cooperation of Amin Jarraya is a musical show who tries to reinterpret the classical Tunisian great pieces of music (Hadhra et Mezwed) in a contemporaneous way.

After auditioning some young musicians, the two collaborators worked with them, first to understand the lyrics of old Tunisian poetry with the help of elders. Together they tried to understand the Tunisian political religious and social context.

After that, they organized workshops and rehearsals to make those young musicians, play that parts of Tunisian and north-African heritage with their own inspirations and their own technics to finish with a big concert performed by Hadhret Sidi Bourigua and the LAMMA ensemble and some of the Tunis conservatory’s students.