Age: 32 years old

Country: Italy

Fabiana Manfredi is an Italian singer born in Naples. Passionate by music since her childhood, she started her studies of singing at 10 years old and after at the age of 14 she also studied violin.
In 2011 she attended to Nicola Music Connection a cultural and musical exchange in London, her first musical experience out of Italy. In 2014 she graduated herself with honors in Science of Communications, another big passion connected to music.
All the arts give a message and it was interesting for her to know more about these communication processes. In the meantime her experience in music became more professional, she was involved in many different projects and in 2015 she began her studies in jazz singing at San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples. She graduated herself on March 2018, with honors.
Today she is specializing herself in jazz singing at Giuseppe Martucci Conservatory, in Salerno.
Fabiana also won Nuovo Jazz Best Students Scholarship in 2017 and Fara Music Best Talent Scholarship in 2018.