Double bass

Age: 30 years old

Country: Spain

Pablo Patiño Moledo is a Galician (Spain) double-bassist and composer currently based in Lisbon. He starts in music with the classical guitar instrument. He begins to play/study double bass during the last two years of Art’s Bachelor. He was part of the “Seminario Permanente de Jazz de Pontevedra” and he graduated on Jazz at the ESML (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa).

He has the opportunity to play/record with Bill McHenry, Xan Campos, Gonçalo Marques, Dayna Stephens, Iago Fernández, Jorge Vistel, Wilfred Wilde, Kyle Poole, Victor Prieto, Virxilio da Silva, Naima Acuña, Raynald Colom, Ricardo Toscano, César LaTorre or Natalio Sued. He has received some classes and has the opportunity to work with other musicians as Horacio Fumero, Pedro Moreira, Joshua Redman, Ben Street, Afonso Pais, Cris Kase, Mike Moreno, Nelson Cascais, Bernardo Moreira, André Fernandes, Demian Cabaud or Fabrizio Cassol.
His music becomes a firm position before the art, history, and contemporaneity.

Photo credit: Carlo Sanna