On 13th October, Emilie Delorme, director of Medinea, accompanied by Saima Samoud from the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis, and Lassaad Saied, director of the International Cultural Center of Hammamet, presented Medinea collaboration with the Tunisian institutions, the 2019-2020 programme (outreach skills session and Medinea sessions) and Medinea video series to be published soon.

Medinea is very much implanted in Tunisia, with four local members:

On 15th October, a master-class on collective composition was organised jointly by the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis, the Journées Musicales de Carthage and Medinea. Zied Zouari, famous Tunisian violinist and coach of the last Medinea session at the Intercultural Cultural Center of Hammamet in March 2019, led the master-class with the objective to prepare the young musicians for the auditions organised by the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra in Tunisia in March 2020 for the Medinea sessions. He was assisted by two former participants of the Medinea sessions, the singer and oud player Islem Jemai and the percussionist Hamdi Jammoussi, who could bring in their own experience of the sessions.