This module is devoted to career development, an aspect that tends to be overlooked in traditional artistic curricula when in fact it is of great importance for young musicians. Four themes will be tackled: communication — i.e. making appropriate content for social networks and building a timely strategy; musical production and outreach concerts, including unfamiliar concert formats that many musicians tend to neglect, and for which they thereby miss out on opportunities to perform; how to build an audience and involve local communities in a given artistic project; and gender issues, which raise the question of equal representation on stage, and access to public and private funding.

In this webinar, we will offer ideas about how to connect with concert and social media audiences by creating personal and engaging content to share with them. Topics include social media videos and posts, programme notes, concert talks, and the recording of liner notes.
Speakers: Robert O. BEAHRS | Jane HARRISON
Proposed by Istanbul Technical University MIAM

This webinar offers keys to undertaking your artistic projects that aim to reach out to extremely diverse audiences with special needs, with the wish to share and pass on music to the greatest number of people possible.
Speakers: Violaine Fournier | Mark Withers
Proposed by the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra and the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

In this webinar, Sofiane Ouissi the co-founder of ”L’art rue”, discusses ways for artists to overcome the lack of opportunity to perform; ways to become an entrepreneur as an artist; ways to invest spaces not intended for art; the links between art and activism; and the richness of interdisciplinarity.
Speaker: Sofiane Ouissi
Proposed by the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra and the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

Through the case of recorded rehearsals of Johannes Brahms’ Piano Trio op. 8, this webinar shows how to achieve efficient listening and understanding of interweaving polyphonic parts. By adopting this method, the interpretative discourse of chamber and orchestral ensembles can achieve coherence in meaning, discernment on unified decisions, as well as a real collective identity.
Speaker: Paulo Pacheco
Proposed by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa

This webinar was hosted by Gonçalo Marques -head of the music label and collective Robalo and features two other musicians who run labels: João Pedro Brandão, and Rita Maria. They presented their label and discussed the advantages and specificities of musician-led organizations.
Speakers: Gonçalo Marques | João Pedro BrandãoRita Maria
Proposed by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa

Interacting with others is one of the best ways for musicians who want to develop an audience to get more visibility and find more performance opportunities. This webinar will feature two classical musicians based in Istanbul who will present new ways of making performance opportunities happen.
Speakers: Amy Salsgiver | Jerfi Aji
Proposed by Istanbul Technical University MIAM

Medinea On Air is a European Union Erasmus+ funded programme that unites six partners from the Mediterranean region: the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (France), the Ente Musicale di Nuoro (Italy), ARC Research and Consultancy (Malta), the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Portugal), the University of Ljubljana – Academy of Music (Slovenia), and the Istanbul Technical University (Turkey).

Medinea On Air aims to provide specific preparation for classical musicians and improvisers who wish to audition for the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra’s symphonic and Medinea Sessions; and more broadly, to enrich young musicians’ musical training. Therefore, in addition to Audition and Competition Preparation, the programme provides three other modules: Digital TechnologyCareer Development and Human, Social and Entrepreneurial Skills and Aesthetics, Cultures, Identities and Artistic Encounters.