Location: Italy

The Seminari e Festival NUORO JAZZ organised the Thirty-third Edition of the Nuoro Jazz Festival, from 17th to 26th August 2021. Alongside the masterclasses of bass, double bass, drums, guitar, harmonica, harp, piano, singing, saxophone, and trumpet, the Nuoro Jazz Festival hosted a Medinea session for the third time.

The artists selected to participate in the Italian session had the chance to receive advice from the composer, guitarist and vocalist Paolo Angeli, a master of Sardinian music.
As musical director of the Medinea sessions, Fabrizio Cassol, saxophonist, composer and improviser, was present throughout the days of collective composition, to guide the emerging artists and help them learn from each other as well as to exchange their musical practices.

The final concert took place on 26th August at the TEN Teatro Eliseo Nuoro and was broadcasted live on our Facebook page.

Find below the press review of this session:


Photo credit: Gigi Murru

The Medinea session, an open program to the finest young musicians and improvisers from the Mediterranean. The four 2021 Medinea Sessions of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra (MYO) are each open to a dozen of young and talented musicians from the Mediterranean basin building their careers to become professional artists and who have an intense practice of musical improvisation, even of the composition. Each session is designed for a large diversity of musical aesthetics and Mediterranean expressions and hosts all styles of music using elements of improvisations (jazz, traditional music, early music, etc.). Fabrizio Cassol, composer, saxophonist, and jazzman, guides these sessions and proposes to experiment with techniques of collective composition, within an ensemble, with the aim of leading to the creation of a common musical production that also reveals individual singularities. This training offers a unique intercultural experience of the life of an ensemble in creation, in rehearsals, and on tour.