Age: 22 years old

Country: France

Adèle is a French cellist, improviser and composer. Raised with a classical background and influenced by a jazzmen’s family, she’s following an eclectic path varying the place of the cello into different kinds of music.

She is involved in many intercultural and interdisciplinary projects such as Medinea’s creation sessions and the duo “n’Être” with the dancer Zoé Pannier. She is also co-leader of the TriumViret, a familial trio with her brother Oscar (trumpet) and her father Jean-Philippe Viret (double bass).

Furthermore, Adèle has been involved in different projects with musicians and composers from various esthetics such as Magic Malik, Franck Krawzcyk, Fabrizio Cassol, Didier Lockwood, Magma.

She had recorded the work of Charles Kieny, Crozphonics for two cellos and accordion (feat Vincent Ségal) and she has been selected to participate to Rutesheim Academy (with Stephan Braun) and to join the Villecroze Academy (Vincent Peirani, Vincent Ségal).

She actually pursues her classical studies at CRR de Saint-Maur with Matthieu Lejeune.