Age: 24 years old

Country: France

Adèle Viret is a cellist, improviser born in 1999. She follows an eclectic path varying the role of the cello in different kinds of music. She is involved in many intercultural and interdisciplinary projects such as Medinea’s creations and the duet “n’Être” with the dancer Zoé Pannier. She plays in different bands such as Voids (Noémie Decroix Quartet), Abhra (Julien Pontvianne) and Afriquatuors whose albums with be out in Automn 2022.

In 2017, Adèle is awarded Marion Bourgine’s grant bestowed by Jazz in Marciac Academy. In 2018, she is selected to participate in the prestigious academies of Villecroze (Vincent Ségal, Vincent Peirani) and Rutesheim (Stephan Braun). Afterwards, she plays with renowned musicians such as Magic Malik, Fabrizio Cassol, Amir Elsaffar, Isabel Sörling and Max Richter.

In 2022, Adèle is taking part in « Orchestre National de Jazz des Jeunes » and she recorded the new album of Aka Moon to be released next year. She is also leading a new quartet in which she plays her own compositions surrounded by Oscar Viret (trp), Wajdi Riahi (pn) et Pierre Hurty (dr). In parallel, she pursues her classical studies in Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles.

Photo credit: Samuel Berthet