At the occasion of the 6th edition of the world music festival Visa for Music, Emilie Delorme, director of the Académie and the networks at the Festival d’Aix and Zainab Guedira, director of the Hiba Foundation, welcomed young professionals in Rabat, Morocco, at the occasion of a meeting during the Visa For Music Festival, to introduce the Network, it’s supporters and the Medinea 2020 training opportunities, especially the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra’s auditions.

Two Moroccan musicians, members of the Medinea community, Anwar Saidi and Azziz Ozouss, came to talk about their experience of auditioning and participating to Medinea’s activities

As a reminder, Anwar is a 25 years old cellist: he had the chance to conceive and realize his musical project ‘’Madaniyat’’ thanks to his participations to 4 outreach skills sessions and he has been selected to participate in 2 symphonic sessions and to a Medinea session of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra, as he said: “For me, the sessions were very intense, at the musical level as well as at the relational level. It made me want to try to conceive one in my country

As for Azziz, a 28 years old player of Ribab and singer, strong supporter of the traditional Moroccan culture and a passionate participant to a Medina Session: “Because the Amazigh art and music isn’t a very known thing in the world so I decided that I want to deliver my new style of music and showing the depth of our Amazigh culture around the world”.


Anwar and Azziz came to meet musicians, share some advice about their participation and to give a taste of being part of intense training and learning sessions at an international level.