Every year, almost 600 musicians apply to one of our auditions organized in 17 countries of the Mediterranean and some 100 young talents are selected to participate in one of the MYO’s sessions. This auditions tour offer the chance to emerging artists from all around the Mediterranean to work with each other, to access to a high-level musical training where they can benefit from the coaching of experimented artists while working.

This auditions tour aim to meet emerging artists -musicians and vocalists- to select different and talented profiles for two opportunities to have a training giving a taste of a professional immersion:
The symphonic session
of the MYO is designed to future professional classical musicians from the Mediterranean. This training session offers an intercultural experience of the orchestra life in rehearsals, concert and on tour within the stimulating frame of the Festival d’Aix.
The Intercultural Creation Sessions are each open to a dozen of young and talented musicians from the Mediterranean basin (building their careers to become professional artists) and who have an intense practice of musical improvisation, even of composition. Fabrizio Cassol, composer and jazzman, guides these sessions and proposes to experiment with techniques of collective composition, within an ensemble, with the aim of leading to the creation of a common musical production which also reveals individual singularities. This training offers a unique intercultural experience of the life of an ensemble in creation, in rehearsals and on tour.

The applicants who want to apply for auditions in France, in Italy or in Portugal must imperatively apply online, the rest of the applicants apply directly with the partner who organizes the audition.

AUDITION’S SCHEDULE (under construction)
Friday 23 & Saturday 24, November 2018: National Conservatory of Music and Choreographic Art of Rabat (CNMAC) • MOROCCO
Monday 17 & Tuesday 18, December 2018Lisbon Higher School of Music  •PORTUGAL
Monday 14 & Tuesday 15, January 2019Darius Milhaud Conservatoire of Aix-en-Provence • FRANCE
Wednesday 16, January 2019Conservatoire of Grand Avignon • FRANCE
Thursday 17, January 2019Pierre Barbizet Conservatoire of Marseille • FRANCE
Friday 18, January 2019Pierre Cochereau Conservatoire of Nice • FRANCE
Thursday 24, January 2019National Higher Institute of Music in Algiers (INSM) • ALGERIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Institute.
Wednesday 29, January 2019: University of Zagreb, Academy of Music • CROATIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Academy
Wednesday 30, January 2019: University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music • SLOVENIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Academy
Thursday 31, January 2019University of Arts of Tirana • ALBANIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Academy
Tuesday 5 & Wednesday 6, February 2019Giuseppe Verdi Milan Conservatoire • ITALY
Wednesday 27, February 2019: The Cairo Conservatoire • EGYPT ⇒ Applications directly with the Conservatoire |  University of Macedonia – Department of Music science & Art • GREECE ⇒ Applications directly with the Academy.
Thursday 28, February 2019National Conservatory of Athens • GREECE ⇒ Applications directly with the Conservatory | Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of music • LEBANON ⇒ Applications directly with the Conservatory.
• Monday, 11 March 2019 — Prince Rainier III Academy • MONACO
• Tuesday,26 March 2019 — Higher Institute of Music of Tunis • TUNISIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Institute
• Wednesday, 27 March 2019 — Higher Institute of Music of Sousse • TUNISIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Institute
• Thursday, 28 March 2019 — Higher Institute of Music of Sfax • TUNISIA ⇒ Applications directly with the Institute
• Saturday, 27 April 2019 — Bilkent University – Faculty of Music and Performing Arts • Ankara, TURKEY ⇒ Applications directly with the University
• Tuesday, 30 April 2019 — ITÜ MIAM • Istanbul, TURKEY ⇒ Applications directly with the Institute

Partners of the auditions:

Medinea members:
•ALBANIA: University of Arts of Tirana – Art Academy.
•CROATIA: University of Zagreb, Academy of Music.
•EGYPT: The Cairo Conservatoire.
•GREECE: University of Macedonia – Department of Music science & Art / National Conservatory of Athens
•LEBANON: Ghassan Yammine Arts School / Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of music
•MALTA: ARC Research and Consultancy
•PALESTINE: The Palestine Philharmonie / Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
•PORTUGAL: Lisbon Higher School of Music
•SLOVENIA: University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music
•SPAIN: National Youth Orchestra of Spain
•TUNISIA:  Higher Institute of Music of Sfax

Other partners:
• ALGERIA: National Higher Institute of Music in Algiers (INSM) • CYPRUS: Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra • FRANCE: Darius Milhaud Conservatory of Aix-en-Provence | Conservatory of Grand Avignon | Pierre Barbizet Conservatory of Marseille | Pierre Cochereau Conservatory of Nice | Conservatory of Toulon Provence Méditerranée | IESM Europe et Méditerranée • MOROCCO National Conservatory of Music and Choreographic Art of Rabat (CNMAC) • MONACO: Prince Rainier III Academy • TUNISIA: Higher Institute of Music of Tunis • TURKEY: Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.