Medinea On Air is a European Union Erasmus+ funded programme that unites six partners from the Mediterranean region: the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (France), the Ente Musicale di Nuoro (Italy), ARC Research and Consultancy (Malta), the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Portugal), the University of Ljubljana – Academy of Music (Slovenia), and the Istanbul Technical University (Turkey).

Medinea On Air aims to provide specific preparation for classical musicians and improvisers who wish to audition for the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra’s symphonic and Medinea Sessions; and more broadly, to enrich young musicians’ musical training. Therefore, in addition to “Audition and Competition Preparation”, the Medinea On Air programme provides three other modules: “Digital Technology”, “Career Development and Human, Social and Entrepreneurial Skills” and “Aesthetics, Cultures, Identities and Artistic Encounters”.

4 broadcasting sessions are scheduled over a year with 38 live interactive webinars giving the floor to renowned artists and high-qualified pedagogues. They are free and open to all upon registration and will last about 40 minutes each.

The first session, 12th – 15th April, focused on the preparation of not only Mediterranean Youth Orchestra symphonic and Medinea auditions, but also orchestral auditions in general. Three webinars concentrate on string instruments, woodwind instruments and brass (and percussion) instruments, respectively. Mental preparation is addressed as well. A technical section is devoted to advice on how to make a proper video application for Mediterranean Youth Orchestra auditions. Participants are also introduced to techniques and practices that help them to connect with their audiences. A more historical and cultural section investigates the notion of Mediterranean identity and explores Turkish musical traditions.


Tuesday 12th April :
14 :00*: What is Medinea on Air ? What can it offer me? An introduction
Speakers: Pauline CHAIGNE and Martin GUERPIN
Proposed by the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra and the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence.
15 :00*: Preparing orchestral auditions – String instruments
Speakers: Gal FAGANEL, Zoran MARKOVIĆ, Janez PODLESEK, and Maja ROME
16 :00*: Preparing orchestral auditions – Woodwind instruments and percussion
Speakers: Simon KLAVŽAR, Jože KOTAR, and Karolina ŠANTL ZUPAN
Proposed by the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana

Wednesday 13th April:
14:00*: From Performance Anxiety to Flow in Musical Performance
Speaker:Katarina HABE
Proposed by the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana

15 :00*: Preparing orchestral auditions – Brass instruments
Speakers: Jure GRADIŠNIK, Dušan KRAJNC, and Boštjan LIPOVŠEK
Proposed by the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana

Thursday 14th April:
14:00*: Making a proper video application for Classical and Medinea auditions
Speakers: Aurélie GRANIER
Proposed by the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra and the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence.
15:00*: Connecting with Your Audiences
Speakers: Robert O. BEAHRS and Jane HARRISON
Proposed by Istanbul Technical University MIAM.

Friday 15th April :
14:00*: “The Taksim Tradition” in Makam Music in Türkiye
Speakers: Neva ÖZGEN and Yelda ÖZGEN

15:00*: Traditional and Trans-Traditional Musics on the Turkish Mediterranean Coast
Speakers: Şirin ÖZGÜN and Michael ELLISON
Proposed by Istanbul Technical University MIAM.

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